About Porto


For those who don’t know our city, here it goes a teaser…

Porto is a city with a lively social, cultural, and artistic scene that makes you feel at home. Its unique skyline combines majestic granite monuments splashed with colourful old houses and the beautiful


Douro river (which means golden). While the city is connected by great avenues, you will also find mazes of old streets and lots of niches with cosy plazas where to hang out.


The weather is mild even though the winters can be a bit rainy. But there is always sunshine coming through the clouds.



And if the sun doesn’t appear to warm up your soul, the delicious Portuguese food, wine and coffee will do the trick. The varied cuisine and traditional desserts make everyone happy, with plenty of veggie options available too.


“oh bree gah doh”

And of course, you’ll have to try the heart-filling Port wine, the perfect winter drink!