dj ben gladnikoff

Dj Mr. Ben

AKA, Ben Gladnikoff

“This is Ben. He likes music. He likes making peoplea dance. He also likes it when dancers dance to the music not just the tempo. Make Ben happy. Listen to the music and dance. Don’t just do steps.”

Blog about DJing:

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Elena y Jorge

Elena and Jorge have been DJing swing for almost a decade. They have done the musical selection for more than a hundred swing parties in Galicia and participated in several festivals such as BeSwing (Cataluña), SwingMazo (Cantabria), Enxebre Swing Festival (Galicia) and Riquiño Exchange (Galicia).


dj hamed jenabi


Tomasz began to dance Lindy Hop in 2006, and Blues in 2008. As he danced, he started to have opinions and tastes. Not only that, he realized his musical tastes were objectively better than everyone else’s and so he started DJ’ing to show folks how it’s done. He eventually realized that’s not at all how that works. Tomasz sees his DJ sets as little journeys, sometimes we discover artists, or grooves, other times we build tension and anticipation as we wait for the band to take control of the night. Sometimes it’s experimental and wild, sometimes you just gotta pay respects to the classics. Most of all, if you’re gonna swing out it has got to swing. If you’re gonna get down and blues dance…. it’s still got to swing. 


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DJ Tanzorchester Fabian 

Fabian started his Lindy Hop life way back in 2004 and has always been a DJ, even long before that. Being also a record collector, he is amazed how much there is still to discover in the world of jazz and swing. In Hamburg city he is one of the well-established DJs for Lindy Hop and Blues parties, and after a long period of online events enthusiastic about going back to real life. Tanzorchester is German for “dance orchestra”, and that’s the main goal: To give you happy feet! 


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MRs EveNing 

Being the wife of a DJ, Eva decided to take over and run the party herself! When she started, some people expected her DJ-Sets to sound exactly like Fabian´s, but soon the dancers discovered that she had her own style of combining songs and creating the best soundtrack for a fun night of dancing: always enjoying to watch the dancing couples in the room, trying to match their energy levels and dancing styles and give them nice little surprises and a good mixture of their all-time favourites and some new discoveries. Creating a DJ name for her was easy, because one of her favourite Count Basie songs already had her own name included! 


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DJ Wong is an enthusiastic music lover who found his way into Blues through dancing. The wide array of styles and emotions that one can find within this genre are one of the many qualities that he loves. As a DJ, you can be sure that his music selection will get you up and dancing all night long. 


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DeeJay Joe

The Winemaker & Wine Expert who has always liked to dance.
A deep lover of the 40’s and a reference in the Portuguese scene, Dj since 2004 and vinyl collector, he has done several Djsets in Porto, Lisbon, Barcelona, Madrid, Vigo and London.
One of the founders of international Porto Swing Jam festival and one of the first Portuguese Lindy Hoppers. His music ranges from the 1920s to the 1960s and sometimes combines these vintage influences with modern electro beats.
He captivates with his laid-back vintage style, believes that life is short, it´s better to enjoy it and It´s not worth the effort to take it too seriously.

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Alexandra has organized several events in the Porto Blues community, including Porto Blues Exchange and DJed regularly in the local scene. It all started when she heard St James Infirmary for the first time in a live concert. But that was just the beginning… the richness of Blues music styles and how these can be expressed through dance continues both to surprise and fascinate her.


dj hamed jenabi