Adamo and Vicci

Adamo and Vicci

Adamo land Vicci (pronounced Vicky but spelt strangely!) are passionate international Blues dance instructors. What they love the most is the connection and the freedom of improvisation that dancing Blues can bring. Honoring the cultural values and the social context of Blues as an African American dance is a key part of their classes.
Vicci has a broad knowledge of dance and the body, training initially as a solo dancer and gaining a degree in Dance and Choreography, and a diploma in Anatomy and Physiology. Her background in a variety of solo dances has been invaluable in her partner dancing, and she is known for approaching her dancing with grace, fluidity, and a desire for joy!

Adamo has a professional qualification in teaching adults, and he sees his role as teacher to facilitate the classroom in response to learner’s needs, enabling all students to achieve their potential. His classes focus on highlighting the relationship between the dancers and the music and the importance of personal expression and creativity.

Jean-Charles Zambo aka JoYsS

Jean-Charles Zambo aka JoYsS

Jean-Charles Zambo, aka JoYsS, is one of the most surprising dancers from the international Swing scene. Although he discovered dancing through the Hip-hop culture, his stand on Swing dance is not to flood his classes with modern moves. By focusing on the roots of old school Swing dancers, his challenge is to make you feel the Golden Age of Swing as if those dancers had never stopped dancing.

He taught and led training courses all around the world. Among his most famous performances are the “Drunk dance on Take Five” and the 1st place solo Charleston routine at ILHC 2015 in Washington DC. He also has his signature move in the video game Fortnite by Epic Game, worked for artists like Rita Mitsuko, Mika, La Femme, and collaborated with brands like Hermès, Tommy Hilfiger, and Jean-Paul Gauthier.

Jo Hoffberg and Martynas Stonys

Jo Hoffberg and Martynas Stonys

Jo Hoffberg is a force of nature. She is an international choreographer, a highly decorated competitor, a thoughtful mentor, and a wearer of high-waist pants, but she’s best known for her teaching. Obsessive with her focus on personal growth and self-improvement, Jo is super-freaking passionate about sharing her love for the dance! Since 2007, she’s taught in 28 countries on 5 continents, has produced 11 DVDs, runs online training programs, produces intensive learning weekends around the world, and runs an online dance school with over 1000+ videos.

As a community leader, she is mentoring teachers (both seasoned and up-and-coming), shining the spotlight on the next generation, and supporting deeper structural changes in the community. She is continuing to invest in her personal dance education by regularly challenging herself in other genres of dance, and believes to be a good teacher you must also be a good student.

As a guest in Black Culture, she strives to honor the legacy of swing dance all around the world today.

Martynas Stonys is an international Lindy Hop and Balboa instructor, co-founder and 1/4th of What a Jazzdance studio, 1/4th of Swing Paradise and organizer of multiple local swing dance events in Lithuania. Hehas been a leader of Lithuanian Swing dance scene for more than a decade, helping the community andmany of Lithuanian Swing dance talents grow.

Recently Martynas has been working with a few partners teaching both Balboa and Lindy Hop. He canlead, follow, perform, create, but most importantly find the next idea that would help students improve.

Martynas’ goal is to help his students grow as dancers and as people. He’s raising, answeringfundamental questions and is keen on interacting with students during classes.

While often Martynas looks like a serious person, go to him and strike a conversation about dancing,teaching or community. You’ll definitely leave that conversation with more questions (and jokes) thanbefore.

(Photo by Edo Garcia)

Edmilson (Lindy Hop)

Edmilson Botelho

Born and raised in the São Tome and Principe Island, Edmilson da Cruz Botelho has always lived surrounded by music. His rhythm builds on the African traditional dances that he has learned while in his home country, including usôa, puíta, funaná, kadance (kizomba), and semba. At the age of 17, Edmilson moved to Porto, and soon after that, he discovered Lindy Hop. His passion for dance led him to become a Lindy Hop and Blues teacher. For him, dance is all about feeling, groove and joy… and we all get inspired by his moves.

Pedro Vieira - Lindy Hop

Pedro Vieira

Pedro started dancing Lindy Hop and Authentic Jazz in 2012 in the city of Porto. In 2013, he began to teach and has never stopped since then.
At the moment, he teaches weekly classes of Lindy Hop, Authentic Jazz, Collegiate Shag, Balboa and Boogie-Woogie in Porto, Portugal, and in Vigo, Spain.
His biggest inspiration in Authentic Jazz form are the great Nicholas Brothers.
He’s proud of being part of this community and of being able to share and spread this big part of the African-American culture with everyone!

Pedro Vieira - Lindy Hop

Marta Chamosa

Marta is a switch dancer with amazing energy. She loves to learn and share everything she knows with the community.
She started to dance Lindy Hop in 2014 at her small local scene, the Galician city of Vigo. But her desire to know more about Lindy Hop culture and other swing styles took her to travel to Barcelona in 2016, where she learned Boogie-Woogie and Collegiate Shag.
She started to develop her style and came to Porto to share everything she had learned with her dancing partner Pedro. Nowadays, she teaches in two swing schools, one in Porto and another one in Vigo. Her purpose is to make the Swing scene grow and to make this healthy dance part of everyone’s life.