BMF Full Passes

Choose your Track

track - lindy hop

– 4h Lindy Hop classes with Jo & Martynas

– 1h15 Solo class with Joyss or Pedro

track - blues

– 4h Blues classes with Adamo & Vicci

– 1h15 Solo class with Joyss or Edmilson

track - lindy and blues

– 2h Lindy Hop classes with Jo & Martynas

– 2h Blues classes with Adamo & Vicci

– 1h15 Solo class with Joyss, Pedro or Edmilson

track - solo

– 5h Solo with Joyss

Plus… 2h of themed classes

Each day, you will be able to choose a Themed Class of 1h, both solo and partner with Jo, Martynas, Adamo, Vicci, Joyss, and Pedro.

Choose your Level

Only applies to Lindy, Blues, and Lindy & Blues Passes

Level 2: Intermediate

You have taken classes for a year or more or you have attended some international dance workshops and festivals, and dance socially.

You master the Basics and have some vocabulary that you can play with on the dancefloor.

You want to expand your vocabulary and refine some important basics.

Level 3: Advanced

You are considered an experienced dancer. You had taken classes regularly for 3 years or more and attended international workshops and you were dancing socially regularly.


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price regular
price group rate

Important Notes

  • This is a VAX-only event. To attend the festival, you need to have a vaccination certificate (compatible with EU rules) or a certificate stating recovery from Covid-19 (maximum 180 days). For more information on our Covid-policy, please check our webpage.
  • We welcome an equal number of leaders and followers. If you register with a dance partner, please mention it in the form. Each dancer should fill a separate registration form.
  • If you want to register as a group, you must guarantee that your group of 10 dancers has an equal number of leaders and followers. Each dancer can register for different tracks and levels.
  • To register as a group, each dancer should fill the registration form and include it in the observations that are registering as a group, with a group name. After that, one of the dancers must send an email to with the title “Group Pass” and include the registration number, name, and email of all the group members. Once we validate the group, each dancer will receive the payment details with the group discount.
  • Closer to the date of the festival, we will open registrations for party passes with limited availability. The price of the party pass is 70€ and includes 4 nights and pre-party tasters.
  • Wine Tasting is not included in the Full Pass